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Taskmaster S-SERIES is a proven range of flush steel doorsets that utilises the latest technology in door engineering and construction principles. High levels of aesthetic impact are uncompromised by customers’ requirements for the highest levels of performance. S-SERIES doorsets are available in a wide range of configurations; from single to bi-folding leaves, all with a co-ordinated range of hardware, louvres, and vision panel options. As standard, finish is factory applied polyester powder coat, although special timber effects are available too. Primed finish for site painting is available, however, for more demanding applications, 304 and 316 stainless steel constructions are available.

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Door leaf

Typically, construction is between 45mm and 55mm thick overall and compromises two 1.2mm Galvatite IZ face sheets, zinc coated to BS10142 : 2000. Vertical edges incorporate a full height mechanical ‘Edge-Seam Interlock’. An inverted reinforcement channel is then spot welded top and bottom to enhance strength and overall rigidity.

Dependent on performance requirements and application a choice of core materials is available. Typically a resin impregnated honeycomb is used. Despite itslight weight, this provides excellent impact resistance coupled with high resistance to torsional load. Alternative cores include honeycomb with vertical stiffeners, thermal performance cores, acoustic performance cores, and various levels of security cores.

Hardware preparation

Door leaves are engineered to suit specified ironmongery ‘in the flat’. This means that all necessary cut- outs are punched into the sheet prior to forming. Hardware preparations are designed into the door leaf. Examples of this attention to detail include the incorporation of lock boxes within the door leaf. These provide enhanced support for locks and additional protection from attack. Heavy gauge hinge pads are welded into the door prior to assembly.


Frame Profiles

Typically construction is from 1.5mm Galvatite IZ sheet, zinc coated to BS10142:2000 pressed into a number of profiles. Typically these are from a choice of single rebate, double rebate, semi-wrap, or two-part wrap around frame profiles. Traditional 100mm single and 145m double rebate arrangements are increasingly being joined by much deeper profiles to suit the requirements of increasing large cavity walls. Project requirements of up to 325mm are routinely being fulfilled.

Frame features

Frame corner options available include mechanically locked, bonded, or welded. Hinge cut-outs, lock strike apertures and fixing holes are all engineered into the profile before it is formed up. Hinge pads and fixing straps are welded into position. Fixing hole caps can be either a plastic push-in type finished in a choice of either black or white as standard. Metal hole caps are available as an option – these are bonded into place once the doorset has been fitted, and are finished to match the frame.

Doorset configurations

Doorsets can be supplied in a wide range of configurations. Typically these are single, leaf and a half, or double leaf arrangements.

For certain applications, oversized constructions are required. This can be achieved by means of special full height or width leaves (within certain manufacturing parameters), or by the incorporation of over panels.

Overpanels can be glazed, solid, or louvred. These can be supplied with or without transom bars, and be of a fixed or removable format. Where safety concerns dictate, overpanels can also be supplied as hinged.

In addition to overpanels, side panels – glazed or solid are also available. Panel construction in all cases (excluding where glazed or louvred) will be coordinated with that of the doorset.


Standard finish

The market increasingly demands a factory applied finish (although a zinc rich primer finish remains an option where doorsets are to be site painted).

Taskmaster S-SERIES doorsets are available with polyester powder coat finishes to one of three standards dependant upon the application:

PC1 suitable for internal applications.

PC2 suitable for standard external applications (except within 5 miles off the coast).

PC3 suitable for applications within 5 miles of the coast. NOTE: where doorsets are to be in physical contact with sea water further precautions may be required, please liaise with a member of our technical department.

24 colours are available as standard (please see NTD331 for details), although for a small setup charge, doors can be supplied in any standard BS4800 or RAL colour.

Speciality finishes

To compliment our standard range of colours, the introduction of an innovative new finishing technique allows a range of timber effects to be offered. These finishes provide the warmth and texture of wood, whilst retaining the strength and durability of steel.

Wood Grain (WG) finishes are currently available in two standards dependant upon application:

WG1 suitable for internal applications.

WG2 suitable for standard external applications (except within 5 miles off the coast).

12 effects are available as standard (please see NTD331 for details).

Where concerns regarding the spread of disease or contamination exist, special antimicrobial finishes are available. Typically these are for use in health care and clean room environments and can be used in conjunction with a range of special coated hardware – please enquire.

Stainless steel is also available. This can be either brushed grade 304 for internal or protected external applications, or grade 316 harsh external and coastal applications. Face sheets can be offered patterned or shot peened if required.


Vision panels

A wide range of options are available. Apertures within door leaves are factory channelled for additional integrity. A wide range of glasses are available in various thicknesses to suit performance characteristics required. All trims are available in a format to suit DGUs. Careful attention has been given to ensuring that the requirements of Document M of the building regulations can be catered for in the widest possible number options (see TD308 for further details).

Louvre panels

Ventilation can be achieved by means of 3no standard louvre size options (although non-standard configurations are available too). Apertures within door leaves are channelled for additional integrity. Louvres can be supplied with a number of standard formats, bird proof ‘V blade’, Z blade, or as louvred cover plates incorporating either intumescent blocks or fire dampers. Insect mesh is available as an option for all louvres (see NTD310 for further details).


A range of coordinated hardware has been established. Items have been selected on the basis of aesthetic appeal, robustness, and cost effectiveness. Items such as lever handles, pull handles, kick plates and closer bodies are in a stainless steel finish as standard. Where stainless steel is not available, the quality of the finish is carefully considered.


Under the S-SERIES umbrella, Taskmaster Doors Ltd has developed the widest range of performance led doorsets available in the commercial door market place. The range incorporates:

  • General or multipurpose doorsets.
  • CE Marking under EN 14351-1:2006 + A1:2010
  • Fire rated doorsets with Certifire third party certification upto FD240s.
  • Acoustic doorsets – rated up to 55Db under BS EN ISO 140-3:1995.
  • Certificated thermal performance of doorsets – with U values of up to 1.7 w/m2 under BS EN ISO 10077- 1:2006.
  • Security rated doorsets with Certisecure third party certification under STS 202 – rated to BR1, BR2, BR3. Secured by Design accredited.
  • Clean room doorsets – to suit the requirements of catering, health care or pharmaceutical manufacturing environments.
  • Sports hall doorsets – to suit the requirments of Sport England.

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