CERTIFIRE approved fire resisting metal doorsets (TASKMASTER S Series)

  • FD30 to FD240S
  • Unlatched & latched
  • Single acting
  • Double acting
  • Glazed vision panels
  • Glazed side panels
  • Over panels
  • Fire damper louvres

TASKMASTER S series became the first fire resisting steel doorset system to be awarded a Certificate of Approval under the CERTIFIRE fire resisting metal doorset scheme. 

The award followed a rigorous technical appraisal by CERTIFIRE of the extensive fire tests conducted on TASKMASTER S Series doorsets to BS 476 Part 22.

 The scope of the approval is probably the most extensive on the market and is fully detailed in Taskmaster CERTIFIRE Data sheet CF 232. This defines door and frame construction options, doorset configurations and maximum doorset sizes for varying periods of fire resistance extending from FD30 through to FD240S.Each CERTIFIRE approved TASKMASTER doorset carries a tamper evident label bearing a unique, fully traceable serial number.

Most of the product design options shown in Catalogues 203 are available with TASKMASTER CERTIFIRE approved fire resisting doorsets

FIRAS accredited installation 

Taskmaster Doors Ltd. became the first manufacturer of fire resisting steel doorsets to be accredited under the FIRAS fire door installer registration scheme operated by Warrington Certification.Under the FIRAS scheme, site operatives and supervisors are trained in all aspects of installation critical to the performance of TASKMASTER CERTIFIRE approved fire resisting metal doorsets.

Supervisors and operatives carry FIRAS identity cards, and Supervisors are authorised to apply FIRAS labels over the prefixed CERTIFIRE labels located on the hinge edge of installed doorsets.

For comprehensive installation instructions for TASKMASTER CERTIFIRE approved doorsets refer to Technical Data Sheet TD 330.


The Door and Shutter Manufacturers' Association (DSMA) 

Taskmaster Doors Ltd has been a member of the DSMA for many years, and participates actively in the DSMA Metal Doorset Forum.

The DSMA is the only trade association for the UK door and shutter industry. It looks after the interests of more than 70 of Britain's leading industrial, commercial, and garage door and shutter suppliers and manufacturers.
It upholds members' standards of technical competence, professional integrity, quality, and service. This gives specifiers and end users the confidence to choose products and services from DSMA members rather than from non-members.

The DSMA is taking a lead in Europe to harmonise standards covering safety, security, and fire protection, and is represented on several standard-setting bodies.

The Metal Doorset Forum of the DSMA represents the leading manufacturers and installers of metal doorsets in the UK, with the aim of furthering the use of metal doorsets via the promotion of good practice and better understanding of products throughout the industry and its markets. 

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Certified U values to satisfy new Part L regs. 

TASKMASTER S Series are the first steel doorsets to be awarded a British Fenestration Rating Council “U value” rating.

The BFRC certificate, which can only be issued to ISO 9000 registered manufacturers, enables the “U value” rating of TASKMASTER steel doorsets to be used by designers when calculating the energy performance of buildings under the latest edition of Approved Document L2 of the Building Regulations.

The BFRC certificate certifies that standard Taskmaster doorsets fitted with sills and thermal seals have a total U value rating of 3.1 W/m1/K.. This is equivalent to a typical timber doorset and should enable an averaged window and door U value of 2.2 W/M2 K to be achieved under 'trading off' calculations in a typical building (this example is detailed in Taskmaster Technical Data Sheet TD 305).

When 'trading off' is not possible, an alternative U2 core is available which when incorporated into Taskmaster S Series doorsets gives a BFRC certified U value rating of 1 .8 W/m2/K.. Doorsets with the U2 core are however more costly than standard doorsets.

TASKMASTER S Series doorsets also satisfy the Air Leakage requirements of Part L2, with an air leakage of 1.2 M3 /hour/M2 at 50 Pa pressure (well within the maximum of 10 m3/hour/M2).

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The UK Register of Prequalified Construction Services. 

Taskmaster Doors Ltd are members of the Constructionline register of approved contractors and consultants. Aimed at both public and private sector procurement, Doors and Hardware Ltd. have met strict pre-qualification requirements, and have an approved notation value of £800,000 for both Doors (FIRE PROOF), and Doors (SECURITY) categories.

Constructionline is owned by the Department of Industry (DTI). It is the UK’s largest register of pre-qualified construction contractors and consultants, and has been designed to streamline procurement procedures with a single national pre-qualification scheme.

Constructionline's clients range from large central government departments to Local Authorities, Universities, to Further Education, and NHS Trusts. Constructionline helps them to ensure that they achieve “Best Value” objectives.

Benefits include:-

  • A centrally managed database with up-to-date information.
  • Instant access to a nation-wide selection of contractors and consultants
  • A firm commitment from Constructionline to raising standards within the industry.
  • Strict pre-qualification criteria as agreed with the DTI, to ensure competence. 

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